|10 26 17|

For some reason I’ve been having breakouts lately! Aaah! It’s crazy. Anyways, today was really one for the books. Not that there were extraordinary things that happened. I mean, maybe. For one, our school has new building, and we got to visit it earlier. That was pretty cool. Also, I took a short nap before going to the city. I was in sweat afterwards lol! I also bought milk tea. I am so happy. And funny thing, I brushed my teeth because I just ate Tuna, I didn’t want to smell like fish. Then, lol, I ate a tuna sandwich yet again two hours later. What I really enjoyed about today was serving. I got to serve with one of the people I’ve known for a while but never really got to talk with. Ahh it felt so nice knowing that we were actually going through the same season just a few months back. I was so happy cause I didn’t deliberately ask on any specific, but I guess God just has His way of bringing His children together. We shared so much in common that we totally related on the current Word being preached. Not that it was a matter of feeling the Word or not (Hebrews 4:12). Anyways,

It was about storms in life and how, when you build the right foundation- the word of God, then you’d be able to withstand any struggle that comes along the way.

I was just really overjoyed to have served through the comms ministry tonight! But one of my take aways before this night totally ends, is the prayer.

I remember those overconfident days where I would be like ‘Rebukes!?? Bring em’ on!’

Until I actually get rebuked. I was, at first, really trying to deny and justify everything. Then I caught myself overthinking of a performance-based response, yet again.

The prayer was about overflow. How my joy to serve should be an overflow. I knew this line full well but it didn’t stop me from reflecting so I asked God, what’s it that I’m missing? Am I overdoing ministry again? I don’t know. It seems like I’m doing really fine with my time management (sort of). So I couldn’t really point out what I was to learn at the moment. So I thought, ahh maybe I have to find balance. Okay so, tomorrow I’ll do this, do that. That’s when I realized I was going back to my default mindset of having to perform to prove a point. This wasn’t good, I thought. I honestly didn’t know what area to improve on. It was just kinda blur.

But I remembered my life verse. You know this doesn’t happen much often to me. But I remembered it anyway.

It says. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus.

Ahhhh that’s it! No need to perform. Nothing to prove. But one thing I know to do, to fix my eyes on Jesus. No more, no less.

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