What I’ve been thinking lately..

This is not another blog post about a certain someone. This post is about me, and my constant realizations, and being fed up with my life. You see, I think at the age of nineteen I am still struggling to know what I am really good and passionate about. It’s like I would assume I am good at something but then it would turn out that I’m not good at it at all, or maybe I am just afraid at how people would react to it because of their “high standards.” I miss being a kid, I miss having an innocent mind, I miss being carried around as if everything is lightweight, I don’t like the feeling of being trapped. I feel like I am in someone else’s mind and being controlled non stop. I am missing out on a lot of things and I wonder when will ever be the right time for me to escape without trying to end my life.

I am looking for a way out.

Do you know where the way out is?

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