Mental illness will affect you. 1 in 5 adults in the U.S suffer from a mental illness. Mental illness is a very crucial topic in society at the moment. Many current news outlets are pouring out their emotions and their papers to show America why mental illness is taking such a great toll on us. Many news outlets are doing a great job explaining why now is the question moment in history to discuss mental illness. The LA Times, The NY Times, and Forbes have all recently brought up very enlightening topics about mental illness.

The La Times has written an article with very alarming, but interesting facts. A very controversial topic within mental illness has to do with Donald Trump and his government. In our society depression, anxiety and suicide are at an all-time high. Donald Trump and the GOP want to take away our mental health coverage. The Senate has released a health care reform bill and there is a lot of talk about what is inside of the bill. As many people know Trump care has taken away a lot of coverage for those who are in need. Many people are struggling with mental illness in different ways. Over 450 million Americans are struggling with a mental health disorder. Not to mention those who have to care for someone who they love that have a mental health disorder. This also is going to be an issue for my next topic that has to deal with the hurricane harvey survivors. All of these victims will no longer have the ability to have coverage for their mental illness. So this means one in five Americans who suffer from a mental illness will no longer have coverage for the first time since they received health insurance.This Senate Bill will allow all states to waive coverage for essential health benefits which include mental health care. In this new bill the GOP states that if people go more than 63 days without coverage then they will need to wait six months until they will be able to receive coverage again. So this is very important because if Americans who have a mental health disorder do not find a way to pay for their coverage interrupted they will not be able to find coverage when they truly need it. This is truly the worst time to strip Americans away from their healthcare coverage. There’s so much treatment available and it will now be unavailable to most Americans. 80% of individuals who have access to treatment and medication state that they feel significant reduction in symptoms but now there appointments will be too expensive and too hard to obtain with this GOP healthcare plan. At this time in the world we do not only need to focus on keeping the mental health care that is available but we need to expand and make healthcare more obtainable. Anyone suffering from a mental illness should want to fight for a better bill that the GOP is giving us.

The NY Times also wrote an enlightening article on why hurricane harvey is bringing long-term health care problems along with all the damage it’s created. Not only do the survivors of hurricane Harvey have to recover physically but now they will have to learn to recover from their mental issues. Many of the victims affected by hurricane Harvey will suffer from diseases like respiratory illness or cardiovascular disease and with people who suffer from chronic conditions like those will now be particularly prone to mental health problems immediately after the storm. Many of the people who want to help the hurricane Harvey survivors were more focused on their physical issues instead of their mental health concerns. When all of the horrible hurricane Harvey stories are out of the news the victims will still be suffering and struggling with their mental health issues. Studies show that there is a surge in mental health diagnoses in populations that have experienced a flood. These studies also show that the survivors will now be the victims of a mental health disorder for the rest of their lives. Research shows that we must respond to natural disasters like Harvey with education about the health effects and how we can take precautions to prevent more mental health problems and provide services to care for those in need. This also relates back to donald trump trying to take away services from the people who need it the most. Although many people are focused on the immediate danger from the flooding we must be aware of that Harvey survivors will need attention and care for years to come in the future.

Forbes wrote an informative article on six ways social media affects our health. The first reason Forbes gave for social media affecting my mental health is that it is highly addictive. There’s a controversy whether Internet addiction is a real addiction or social media is the actual addiction. Many people neglect their personal life because they are so addicted to social media and the behavior that it causes. Studies have confirmed that people who have to withdraw from social media have experienced psychological symptoms. Many people who have a social media addiction experience many problems as those with a real mental illness or health disorder.

The second reason they give is that it triggers more sadness and contributes to less well-being. The more we use social media the last happy we are in our own lives. Study show that social media can be linked to feelings of isolation within her own perceived lives. People who spend most of their time on their social media website experience extreme mental health damage.

The third reason they give is because comparing our lives to others is mentally unhealthy. Social media gives us a look into the lives of other people who are around us. With that being said it is easy to compare our lives to others. These types of activities can be linked to severe depression symptoms.

The fourth reason they give is because it can lead to jealousy which is a vicious cycle. Social media controls your feelings of jealousy while looking at a post of others and comparing it to your own life.

The fifth reason is that we think social media will help. This type of addiction can trigger many mental health issues that we do not notice. The last reason they gave is because many people think with more friends on social media it means that you’re more social. This is not true. Studies show that people who believe they have a virtual life tend to experience many heartbreaking symptoms when they realize they do not.

With all that being said we need to make it our goal to help those in need and fight for what is right.

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