You think San Francisco is ridiculously expensive… think again

San Francisco, lovely city, popular touristic destination with picturesque skyline and famous landmarks.

Once well known for its cold and foggy summer, its famous hippy culture, San Francisco is now home of so many, many, many tech-workers that the once very serious bar talk about picking the best programming language for your next disruption has now completely vanished in favor of so many whining conversations about real estate.

San Francisco is too expensive ? Let’s compare those price with some European cities

Budget $550,000

Paris or San Francisco

Which living room feels better ? Paris or San Francisco ?

This nice art deco building in the city of lights has the perfect 2BR / 1BA for you. Of course 410 sqft may look a bit small but, on the plus side, you won’t need your cable subscription to your favorite food channels anymore, every time you’ll seat in your couch, it will be like seating in the front row of cooking show with a close up view of your kitchen counters.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind, more than twice the space, one more bedroom and a private spot in a parking garage, you could be living in the Western Addition in San Francisco, in this 3BR / 2BA 1,050 sqft condo

Budget $1,500,000

Geneva or San Francisco

No need to leave home to do your workout

After a long day at work what’s better than a quick work out ? Truns out with a 1,5 million dollar budget you can afford having a gym at home. If you pick Geneva, in addition to that elliptical bike, you will also get to to spend some energy and a few more dollars on renovating this 2 BR / 1 BA 1,150 sqft fixer upper

If renovation isn’t your thing and you prefer living like in a resort, how about buying this 2 BR / 2 BA unit in San Francisco. The building comes with lots of amenities such as a rooftop deck with an outdoor kitchenette and dining areas a 24-hour valet parking and the fitness center.

Budget $5,000,000

Monaco or San Francisco

Pretty attractive deal in Monaco, place des moulins. This 2 bedroom, 2 baths, 3 toilets (I kid you not) and its very dark 12,000 sqft will accommodate the most demanding photophobic persons out there.
Price: 4,900,000€ ($5,500,000)

Back in San Francisco, a very different place is waiting for you. You will have to trade living in that 2 bedrooms apartment for a full 7,2120 sqft house but with its $4,500,000 price tag, you are saving a full million dollars, which, if you ask me, I would revinvest right away in remodeling that house and maybe even take a few vacation to L’hotel de Paris in Monaco

Budget $15,000,000

London or San Francisco

Ok, you have set a side a bit of money and obviously you or your ancestors must be good at something because you are about to spend more money that it takes to survive for the rest of your life on a new piece of real estate. Having no desire to enjoy good food, you set your mind on moving to London.

Well, here is an option. You like Sci-fi, always wonder how it is to live in a post modern silo castle. You don’t mind the architecture clash with neighboring buildings, here is the perfect opportunity.

This 4 BR / 3 BA flat and its roomy 3,234 sqft (which means $4,692 per sqft, I repeat $4,692 per sqft) offers unique features like a unique golden curtain for your bedroom which will match perfectly that Persian carpet that you never know where to put.

Back in San Francisco, there is a bad news waiting. I did my best to find something in that price range in San Francisco, unfortunately as of mid August 2015 there isn’t anything on the market to sale at that price.

There you have it… stop whining and hurry up buying in San Francisco if you have a tight budget and don’t mind spending only up to a few millions of dollars on a place.


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