We’ll travel the galaxies, baby!

Here’s my prediction:

We might be able to build Strong AI in the next 5–6 decades, complete with Artificial Consciousness.

If at this point you’ve started to doubt if that article was a clickbait, stop! No, it’s not! We’ll eventually get to discuss teleporting ourselves anywhere in the universe. Or to cheer you up, maybe to multiverse, which I doubt is even out there. And that’s what I’m excited most about, as of today. And I hope you might be too. I’ve added links to help you dig deep into the promise future hold for us. Now let us get back to see how it is possible.

Quantum machine learning will enable us to successfully build DNA computer that “grows” as it computes. (Which is possible, theoretically. I’ll share the research paper when it’s published in The Journal of the Royal Society Interface). A computer that ‘grows’ as it computes could simply replicate itself to get to the next breakthrough in computation, making computer evolution almost instantaneous.

Yes, You read that right. One day maybe we’ll combine them with chemical computers that can turn your own body into a computer. (Elon Musk, if you’re reading this — please let us know if Neuralink is already planning this!)

A DNA computer that uses just four bases could outperform tomorrow’s fastest quantum computers. Jog your imagination, and think what a machine that uses DNA with six bases could do!

DNA based computer that’s blazingly fast, ultra small and unbelievably energy efficient might help us simulate consciousness and discover Strong Artificial Intelligence. By the time we’ll get to DNA computers we’d have made great advances in Quantum Machine learning.

Elon Musk, thank you for Neuralink! World might see a merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence. Mankind would experience another evolution and we’d brace for another epic journey of discovery of the hidden mysteries of the reality, our existence and the Universe. What if, then, we are successful in completely understanding the nature of the consciousness and unlock inter-specie communication and telepathy?

Getting back to the teleportation. We are already teleporting photons and electrons from an island to another and from satellites to Earth. We might have quantum internet in this decade itself, allowing us the fastest and most secure internet the world will ever see. Do you really doubt that we won’t be able to figure out teleporting macro objects when we will have the computing power of DNA based computers? Also, the universe is almost infinite. Earth’s vastness was unfathomable for our ancestors because they couldn’t fly, and our perception of it changed completely when we built airplanes and satellites for inter-planetary travel. We will experience a similar paradigm shift if we unlock teleportation to travel the universe.

With the help of Strong AI and DNA computers, we might be able to solve quantum gravity and find the relationship between quantum mechanics and Einstein’s general theory of relativity, we’d be able to simulate quantum gravity and discover The Theory of Everything!

Will we eventually become demi-gods?

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