Secret for Successful Interview

Everyone wants to get an excellent job after completing their degree. It’s a time of full competition and we have to put extra efforts to make ourselves prominent among numbers of applicants.

In this perspective, I take appointment from HR professionals to know about their minds. In this regard, I meet and asked few questions which is very helpful for new applicants.

I asked few questions related to the post of Lecturer, which make interview prominent and successful. HR wants answers, specific and quantifying answer. The questions with their answers are describes below.

1) What are the essential qualities you required to select a candidate?

A) Positive attitude, non-defensive, and passionate.

2) Do you think experienced is necessary for lecturer or not?

B) Experience is a plus point but updated knowledge is more preferable.

3) Do you think experienced and degrees are enough for an applicant?

C) We do not select applicants, who have stage fear even they are experienced and highly qualified.

Competition for getting a seat

At last if I summarized all takeaways from the meeting in single word is the acronym PASSENGER:

· Passion

· Audience

· Specific

· Support

· Engagement

· Nonverbal

· Gratitude

· Equip

· Real

Be prepared and equipped before going to interview. You will be successful IN SHA ALLAH.

Got the job