Identifying your life of purpose by embracing your pain:

Faiza Matloob
May 17, 2017 · 2 min read

No Pain , No Gain

Here are hurdles, challenges and risks in life of every person and the brave and successful people take them as learning opportunity ,move forward and face the risks. As we know success is not a matter of one night it takes many times even hundreds years like Edhi Sb. take 50 years to serve humanity.

At the time of joining Amal Academy I was not sure that what I am going to do and which sacrifices will require , I just applied to learn new things, but after receiving selecting mail the actual challenge was start, That was the time when I have no idea how to search online ? how I can do online courses as zero course were assigned. Even I don’t know how I use gmail account. In short I was totally unaware from technology. And I took more longer time than unusual.

But I decided to take it as a challenge and skip my thesis for 2 or 3 weeks my weekly visit with my family, friends and relatives and some other social activities, ask from my friends for help and they really help me. And now I am used to submitting project work before deadlines. I realize that its a journey to pursue my dream career , the hurdles are temporarily at the end I will get more fruitful outcomes.

“The more I sacrifice, the more I get”

Small sacrifices count as small sacrifices but they have big big big impact on our success.

Thank you!

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