In person Drop off Resume

Stand out from the rest with a resume that shows your true self!

Faiza Matloob
May 2, 2017 · 2 min read

My dream job is to become a productive lecturer in Lahore College for Women University, and it require atleast M.phill to apply as a lecturer and I am going to complete my graduation in july. So I choose City District Govt Girls High school for in person drop off my resume to overcome the fear of facing Interviewer panel and getting out of my comfort zone.

Due to short time I just get an overview of the school and then customize my resume and cover letter according to school culture and environment and identify the name of vice principal.

I visited the school and the experience was very good I was reached in early morning and the gatekeeper was in happy mood, I asked for permission to enter the school and then I meet the Vice principal. She behave generously and politely. I was not sure if this was not a good way to get a job as I have never had to do this before, but I am hoping it will help in in my persuit of finding a job.

Some challenges that I faced was shortage of time , I have short time for research about school and to go for in person drop. And Job description was not available according to which I have to customize my cover letter.

Next time I will manage my time by doing my other projects and tasks before, find out proper Job description in which I can align my skills and experiences and customize my cover letter accordingly.

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