LEISURE, Freedom from Demands of Work

Faiza Matloob
Jun 7, 2017 · 3 min read
Amal Family Batch 30

I had a belief once that a family is not just about to have parents and siblings i.e ‘The Blood Relations’. The other people who have love, respect care and sincerity for you can also be called a family and this tour to the fortress proved that a far ago, my that concept was absolutely right.

I didn’t even imagine that I would enjoy this journey to such extent with my Amal fellows. Whole the journey, me and fellow friends took selfies and amused each other as we were full in the mood of having fun. This was an Iftaar Dinner and we learned how to share our food with each other although it was sharing less and snatching more. The activities we had there just like Truth and Dare were so enjoyable and we made great memories with each other.

Journey from AMAL CAMPUS to Fortress Square ( Careem)
Sharing and Snatching our Meals
Enjoying Truth and Dare

Actually we were asked to decide where to go. We made this decision with mutual co-operation and by voting this place (fortress) as we had no tour guide. And that was the real beauty of this journey because we felt ourselves independent in such a way that we can make our decisions ourselves and also can enjoy.

Enjoying with Amal circle Besties

The lesson I learned from this session was that if someone has to do some fun, then it’s not necessary that he must has his own relatives. We were not relatives although, but we learned how to act and behave with each other and create fun in just a little place with our fellows and even with strangers. We learned that how and in which way,we can make a teamwork with respect and sincerity. It is a truth that teamwork is a key to success so we felt ourselves quite comfortable with each other and everyone performed very well with mutual co-operation.

I think that such kind of sessions must be held with regularity. The life is running too fast and everybody has to run with it at the same fast speed. As a result, the life become dull and boring due to these daily burdens and heavy duties as well as tough routines. So I think that such fun activities create leisure and balance which is so much important for one’s life because everybody needs some brake so that he could perform better ahead in his life. And I think that in future, if we keep on making opportunities of such little gatherings, lunch or dinners and trips or parties then we can have that leisure time that is necessary for basic human life and also we can make more and better progress in our daily routine work after these little times of leisure and fun.

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