Lessons Learned during Fellowship

Faiza Matloob
Jun 6, 2017 · 2 min read

During this three month journey I have learned a number of lessons from Amal , my PA, PM my fellows and fellow friends as it’s a human nature when they spend time at any place they are more likely to learn from their surroundings.. So some of these lessons are;



Care/ respect

Persistence/ Patience

Tackle hard and tough situations

It was really tough task to come up with a single lesson, however after thinking 2–3 days on all these lessons I would like to say that the most important lesson for me was Team work. Because when we are working in a team then our tasks are divide to each member and collaborating with each other. Team members cooperate with each other to achieve common goals and we have more ideas to achieve our goal. Every single member participates in an effective way utilizing his key skills because everyone has different area of expertise and all skills of team members gather and the given task complete in more productive way. Teams that recognize diversity as strength have more successful overall outcomes. The more diversity in a team the more they tackle difficult situations in effective manner.

I personally experience this during our Mega project we were collaborate with each other, every member use his/ her resources , skills and ideas and then we implement on these ideas and just because of god team work and coordination, we were able to complete our Mega project within 2–3 weeks even before all our fellows. And every member put his best and show patience, care, respect and adaptability.

I will apply this in my future life and whenever I face any difficulty or any tough task assign to me. I will never stay alone and become worry. Instead I will prefer to work with team and brainstorming different ideas and solutions with my friends, colleagues and family members to tackle the situation.

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