About Mir TaQi Mir

Mir Taqi Mir was conceived at Agra in 1723. He spent his initial youth under the consideration and friendship of his dad, whose steady accentuation on the significance of adoration and the estimation of self control and empathy in life went far in trim the character of the writer, and this turned into the boss topical strand of his verse.

Mir is one of the immortals among Urdu poetry writers. He is a flawless craftsman of the ghazal, which makes its curious offer through pressure, proposal, symbolism and musicality. He fabricates his verse on the establishments of his own experience. His most loved topic is adoration — love unfulfilled — and his most loved way is conversational. Mir inhabited a period when Urdu verse was yet at a developmental stage — its dialect was getting improved and cleansed of local crudities, and its surface was being advanced with borrowings from Persian symbolism and saying. Supported by his tasteful senses, Mir struck a fine harmony between the old and the new, the indigenous and the foreign components. Realizing that Urdu is basically an Indian dialect, he held the best in local Hindi discourse and raised it with a sprinkling of Persian style and diction, to make a beautiful dialect immediately basic, normal and exquisite, satisfactory alike to the world class and the regular society. Thus he has added to a style which has been the jealousy of every succeeding artist…

It is an ordinary of feedback that Mir is a writer of feeling and despairing dispositions. His tenderness, it ought to be recalled, is intensified of individual and open reasons. His life was a long battle against unfavorable circumstances…

Mir was a productive writier. His complete works, Kulliaat, comprise of 6 dewans, containing 13,585 couplets embodying a wide range of graceful structures: ghazal, masnavi, qasida, rubai, mustezaad, parody, and so on.

… He kicked the bucket in Lucknow on 20 September 1810

He will be remembered for contributing his major part in Urdu Adab

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