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O sweet love, O you who do not let me sleep at night,
By the display of your beauty, my chest is filled with unending rose gardens.
By your company, the honey bee became jealous of me,
For all her toil could not make her taste a nectar so sweet and intoxicating;
I was weary and remorseful of existence, but your single glance made a station of joy.
O You who filled me with desire, of the unending quest,
Tell me if such a grace befriends the lowly such as myself,
What shall be the robe of honor you bestow on the elect.
I know not who I am, but I know in your street every lost thing is found.
One day my soul by luck caught the fragrance of your skirt,
Since then it dances like a drunk lover, careless of the worries of today and morrow,
Careless of the want of bread it smiles like a blissful dawn.
One day when I sat down in solitude to contemplate my life,
I found everything to be a manifestation of You,
In that blessed hour, tears poured like rain in thanks,
I became like a child in mother’s lap,
Thousands of emotions that filled my chest spoke to you without words,
In that moment love smiled from behind the veil and spoke the mystery no ear could hear;
For the mysteries of love have a special lodging in the hearts of lovers. …

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Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) are literally on fire these days. Powering a wide spectrum of use-cases ranging from self-driving cars to drug discovery and to God knows what. AI and ML have a bright and thriving future ahead of them.

On the other hand, Docker revolutionized the computing world through the introduction of ephemeral lightweight containers. Containers basically package all the software required to run inside an image(a bunch of read-only layers) with a COW(Copy On Write) layer to persist the data.

Enough talk let’s get started with building a Python data science container.

Python Data Science Packages

Our Python data science container makes use of the following super cool python…

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A few years ago AWS launched static hosting service S3, which was a paradigm shift for hosting static websites. …


Faizan Bashir

Principal Engineer | Cloud Architect | Adventurer | Wanderer

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