Charity begins at home for the Mirza Family — Panama Papers
Akber Choudhry

Are you a lawyer? What case authorities do you have to suggest that such “links” amount to a conflict of interest? Are you aware that there is no conflict of interest if there is full disclosure?Are you aware that in a globalized economy, many companies use a central operating account? Are you aware that corporations can own property?

Your entire argument rests on the assumption that anyone named in the Panama leaks launders money. Perhaps they’re worried about their assets illegally being seized by likes of bigots such as yourself? The irony is, that you hide behind the veil of “freedom of speech”, something your organization openly denies to others in Pakistan. Your absent minded, mundane, slanderous rant wouldn’t pass 1 semester in law school, let alone be substantiated by any verifiable facts. Get a life you fascist.

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