Dream job or Dream “title”

Many a time we say “Oh my dream job is XYZ..” where XYZ can be “to be a CEO of a large tech company” or “a pilot” or any other thing which we hold up to be our ultimate goal in (career) life.

What many fail to understand is the difference between a dream “job” and a dream “title”

What many of us aim to achieve is just a dream title, and not a job at all!

We fail to understand what else comes with that dream “title” that we so want, and that’s why most often than not, even once you get to that position, life still seems un-fulfilling.

Compare that to an actual dream “job” and you’d have a much more fulfilling work and personal life, and have a better sense of achievement. You’d be more thankful on a daily basis and love what you’re doing!

Dream title: CEO of a Corp X (focus being on CEO without understanding the extensive responsibilities the role carries with it)

Dream job: Serve the deserving in a small village in the middle of nowhere (focus being on the action you’re taking, understanding what you’d like to do and will be doing; no emphasis on what title you’d be given when doing so)

So my suggestion is to actually look for that dream “job” of yours, where you love and enjoy doing what you do, and care lesser about what designation shows up on your business card or in your email signature.

Find your dream job, be happy, stay happy!

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