Eat that frog with a Pomodoro

The technique of getting things done in order and pace is very important. As it would save you a time, and will give you a sense of relaxation so you can focus on other thing other than work. In order to do that it is very important that we follow a habit of Time-Table or any such order where time would play an integral part in work. I am going to share with you a technique to help in this regard you may don’t know the name but its mechanism it pretty simple and you have been using it all you life but giving it a name and tool will give you a new perspective of thinking.

I was able to overcome my habit of procrastination by using this technique which is called Pomodoro, a French technique to get things more efficiently and more appropriately. Well the name is new for me but technique was exactly I was looking for and wanted to set. What I did is, I set a timer for my to-do-list and complete it in assigned time having a period of deadline. Whatever distraction came to my mind during work I wrote it down and after having a little break I do this process again and after completing my work, I would look at the detraction list and now that I have completed my work for the day I can easily have my attention to those distraction that occurred and can relax.

The experience of It was great. I would do it in time, and I would take a little break from work and then again. This technique allows to work under pressure but at the same time gives you the sense of relief of getting things done in time. Following Brian Tracy instructions and Barbara Oakley’s experiment I was able to get things done in time and limits. I was surprised by the results and at the end I was always having a time of relax. I would love do it in a more calm place where sense of mind is more active or perhaps in a time span where I feel more fresh, healthy and sound.

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