FlexiSAF Foundation — Supporting Out-of-School Children

As you may be aware, there are over 260m out of school children in the world and Nigeria has the highest with 13.5m. Statistics further show that 600m young people have been to school but are lacking basic skills in literacy and numeracy. That is 6 out of 10 children are in school but not learning. In sub-Saharan Africa, 88% of children and adolescents will enter adulthood without a basic proficiency in literacy.

UBEC estimates that there are 13.5m out of school children now in Nigeria much more than the 10.5m UNESCO reported.

In essence, the problem is enormous, and it is frightening that there are 6m newborn babies annually in Nigeria without any concrete plan to address this challenge. A report from the UN shows that by 2050, Nigeria will be the 3rd largest populated country in the world with over 390m. And in a recent presentation by Bill Gates, he explains that by 2050 Nigeria and Congo will house about 40% of extremely poor people.

By 2050, there will be more than 440m extremely poor people in Sub-Saharan Africa with Nigeria and Congo housing about 40%

Over time, I have become entirely convinced that basic and quality education is the ultimate solution to our core challenges. An educated nation will have better access to health care, a more secure country, a more vibrant economy, and better living standards thus significantly reducing extreme poverty.

To support this cause and contribute our quota in nation development we knew that we needed to act and start somewhere. That has given birth to FlexiSAF Foundation in January this year, and so far, the Foundation has recorded remarkable progress. We have supported/are supporting 40 underprivileged/orphans to go back to school in Kano, Niger, Abuja, Kaduna, and Lagos.


We have identified a community in Utako (through Abba, a beggar we met in Wuse) and built two classrooms and are supporting 15 kids to go to school. We have also partnered with Aisha Lemu Learning initiative to educate ten destitute kids (almajiris) and have enrolled ten kids in Kano with remarkable stories.

FlexiSAF Foundation adopted 10 Almajiri boys through the Aisha Lemu Learning Initiative founded by Development Initiative of West Africa (DIWA). The boys are currently undergoing a speed school system where priority is placed on Numeracy, Literacy and leadership training.
Rugga Teacher, Mr. Okoro, in the classroom.
Amina, FlexiSAF Foundation Secretary mentoring the Rugga kids.
Wisdom International School, Tudun Murtala, Kano where FlexiSAF Foundation is sponsoring the education of ten children.

Our Model

13.5m is a long way to go and our key strategies to make a significant impact in FlexiSAF Foundation are:

  • Innovate and use technology to provide access to quality education for the less privileged kids in an affordable and simple manner
  • Support and promote the “Speed School” model to provide these kids with a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy in a shorter time than the current school model
  • Crowdsource and encourage “You” and others to support and mentor at least one kid and provide a platform to connect you and these kids easily.

The official launch of FlexiSAF Foundation is coming up on the 1st December 2018 and together we can make a significant difference. I invite you to join this noble cause.