The Domino Effect of Putting an End to Triple Talaq
Meenakshi Narayanan

I wonder. Is there data in Indian census about divorce rates in Indian women religion wise. Let Indian government work on basics wich will benefit not only Muslims but nation as a whole.

1 Indian vital health indices are poorer than some of the south east asian countries.

2 In India there is still its a dream that all of under 14 children come to school. A dim possibility in near future.

3 Majority of Indian professional, technology graduates are not employable.

4 India ranks very poor on human development indices.

5 Even after decades of discussion corruption and corrupt practices prevail and flourish day by day to new heights.

6 We are distant far from creating a favorable atmosphere for entrepreneurship.

If we as a nation concentrate on these things rather than triple talaq, slaughter houses, loudspeakers,….

It will definitely benefit Muslims with all of fellow Indians.

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