Which T shirt color can brighten your personality?


Our personal disposition is a combination of more than one factor. While some might attribute personality to overtime learnt mannerism, others might link it to innate charm. What most people forget though, is that your personality does not only comprise of how you behave, but it is significantly highlighted by how you look. You know what they say; the first impression is the last impression. And the basic thing that people notice about you before they even get to talk to you is your dressing sense and overall look. Thereby, it is important that you look your best at all times, even when it’s just a casual day with friends.

The look for a casual day:
 An informal, everyday look can simply be achieved by a T-shirt either crew or V-neck. While crew necks are considered a tad more decent yet sleek, V necks give off a trendier look! The best T-shirt type that suits you can be determined by your body built, facial features and of course the type of day you’re in the mood of. However, colors of T-shirts are a topic that seems fairly simple, but if you don’t get the hack of it, you’re in a pretty baffling situation. How to choose a color that compliments your skin tone, as well as your day’s activities can be quite tough. Here’s a simple guide on how to choose a T-shirt design or color:

1. Black: the evergreen color is not green, but in fact black. Call it timeless or perhaps ageless? Black can never run out of style. Whether you contrast it with a color or go for an all-black gothic look, you can pull off both regardless of your skin tone. A Saturday night party or a movie with your significant other, black is as sleek as it gets.

2. White: the soothing color that sends off signals of peace and calmness. But be well aware, that duskier skin tones are mostly darkened by wearing this color. Also, if you’re going out on a dusty day or you’re just clumsy as a whole, the whites will be quick to show off the stains unlike black that can be absorbent. The glitch is that white can also look quite see-through, so you might need to wear a vest underneath if you’re conscious about your body.

3. Gray: this is considered an office color that is why it adds a subtle touch of seriousness to your overall attitude. However, this is a color that is not to be worn by sweaty people. It displays the perspiration marks quite vividly. A slightly textured gray can give you gravity to your already sizzling look.

4. Navy blue: The universal color of the man’s world. Since it’s known to be a manly color, this look is always a warm one. Pair it with black jeans or a white trouser and you’re all set to go.

5. Earth tones: Browns, wheat, hazel hues always keep you in the safe zone. You can pull them off at a party or at an unceremonious meeting. However, they are also oldies so if you’re looking to flaunt off your boyish charm, don’t turn up in brown.

6. Red: here comes our rock star look; yes red is one color that can fire up any look. Pump up the party or make yourself the highlight of any show in a color as vibrant as red.

7. Green: here’s another safe color. You can wear this without attracting too much unwanted attention, at the same time being eye candy because this isn’t a common color. Army green on the other hand, brings in a hotness that other colors lack. So if you’re trying to boast those muscles you recently pumped at the gym, try out an army green to seem intimidating.

8. Miscellaneous: Apart from these common colors, you always have yellows and purples and pinks and maroons in different arrays and shades. The catch here is that not everyone can look good in every color on this planet. To go into a funkier shade, or jump out of your comfort zone you might need a few trips to shopping malls, a load of T-shirt trying and perhaps someone to give you an opinion of what brings out your persona in the finest possible way.

In conclusion, your personality is incomplete without your look, and simultaneously your look is highlighted by your character. Balance both in a way that makes you present the best of you to this World.

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