Between Ahok and Oliver Queen

Those two are the leader of the Government. Those two have to struggle with the opposition and Bad guys. Those two have tried their best for the people.

In every Arrow’s episode (and CW superheroes series in common), we will hear something similar before the series begin: the opening monologue. For the season 5 opening, the line would be like this,

My name is Oliver Queen. After five years in hell, I returned home with only one goal: To save my city. Today I fight that war on two fronts. By day, I lead Star City as its mayor. But by night, I am someone else. I am something else. I am the Green Arrow.

Unlike the previous season, Oliver Queen is now a new Starling City Mayor. He runs the office with the help of his half-sister, Thea Queen. Also, Quentin Lance was back and become his Deputy Mayor. He also still “works” as the Starling protector, with a bow and arrows. After Dig decides to go back to military, Thea is too tired to be Speedy and the death of Laurel Lance, Oliver run the team alone, with Felicity behind the desk. But he cannot protect the city by his own. He cannot do that even when he did that day and night literally. he needs a new team to save his city.

Poor Oliver, as city mayor and a Green Arrow, he has to face many villains, from the Reporter Susan Williams to Prometheus, he and his team has to deal with them to save innocent people. This is the funny thing, why Oliver has many enemies up until now? For me, I do not know the reason Why Oliver take the whole city problems into his shoulder? People in Starling distrust their mayor because his incompetence persona and family history. Bad but rich people hate Green Arrow because he put them behind the bar. Why doesn’t he move to another city that give warmer welcome to him? I think Oliver deserve better acceptance and respect. He did good but people he saved did not give him enough appreciation.

This is just a metaphor. I just want to make you imagine how hard a leader/governor/mayor/president to do good for the sake of people.

A leader can’t please everyone he/she leads. Some people might love him but some don’t. They think the one who leads them is incompetence. They think they can be better than the their leader. This is natural and we cannot avoid it. Think again about Oliver. He does everything he can to save Starling City. As a Mayor, he initiates the new low-income housing but one of the politician argue him. He calls the project as “crony capitalist sky-rises”. See? Even a superhero are challenged to do good. And now, we have the typical Oliver Queen situation in Ahok.

Do not get me wrong, I do not support Ahok and I do not resist FPI’s demand to arrest him. Instead, I fully support law and court to play their role. But, when I see yesterday’s news, I cannot stop to be disappointed. I cannot stop to pray because of the violent demonstration yesterday.

Yesterday, 12.00 pm, more than 100,000 people from multiple Islamic organizations, swarm the Jakarta streets and join the rally in front of State Palace. They demand the criminal prosecution of gubernatorial candidate and incumbent Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama for alleged blasphemy. Until 06.00 pm, everything was fine. In this case, there is nothing to worry about.

At 11:14 pm, the words “nothing to worry about” need to be revised. The Jakarta Post reported that there is violence spill in North Jakarta. The incident involved unidentified groups of protesters that demand Police to arrest DKI Jakarta Governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama aka Ahok. MetroTV even reported that hundreds of people vandalized a minimart and motorcycles in the area next to the Ahok’s residence at around 6 p.m. Before that, fighting broke out between the mob and the security personnel, police and soldiers. Jakarta is in chaos even though it cannot be compared to the 1998’s incident. People worry to go out. Fear are haunting innocent people. Chinese are insisted to hide under the curtain.

the riots via

Honestly, I cannot say anything about the incident. The Rally that begun with manner and peace turn out to be very crazy and violence in less than an hour before the rally end.

I understand that they (I refer the word to the unidentified groups of protesters found in Jakarta Post) want to do the right thing. I also understand that they demand Ahok to take responsibility of his comment on verses in the Quran during his visit to Thousand Islands. I know that but I do not know why the they (again, I refer the word to the unidentified groups of protesters) were losing their mind and vandalizing everything they see. It doesn’t make sense for me.

If The President cannot meet their representatives in person, do they have to be so angry and fight with the security personnel? Can’t they just set up the new rally and align it with Mr. Jokowi’s schedules? OK. the last question is silly. I even feel ashamed when I wrote it. But, with respect and honest, I do not get the point why violence has to be spilled out in that day. If someone can explain to me, I will appreciate it.

Too Many Opinions Out There. Is This How Freedom of Speech Works?

If you’re Indonesians, or at least there are Indonesians in your social media' friend lists, you will see they share their articles that support their views. In today’s advancement, social media algorithm will curate all news in the system, pick the one who fits your believe, put them in the top of your timeline and you will believe the news right away. You comment on the articles or news and express your belief on that. You see the oddity here? The more you share, comment, or read articles that ONLY align your previous belief, the narrower your perspective will become. You tend to become too rigid. You tend to ignore everything that is different than you.

I didn’t say I am that neutral. Of course I have a tendency to pick a side. Everyone also has their own choice. Moslem are allowed to demand police to arrest Ahok. Christians are allowed to support Ahok in any ways. Chinese are allowed to feel safe in this country. People can decide their own choices. People can speak their opinions in public. What they can’t do is creating fear and starting a riots. This is just how democracy should work.

You may agree or disagree about my writing. Let’s talk and discuss.