Learning the SPSS:

I want learn an software called SPSS which is essential to learn for thesis work.from many time i was delaying this learning but when Amal project demand for an activity which include any goals to be achieved an idea came to my mind and i said why not i start my SPSS learning so these three steps i followed:

STEP#1:So i start learning it from internet and join the online classes because it was totally free of cost

STEP#2:secondly i make a connection with my Professor Dr. Fauzia Ali ad she helped me a lot. She teach my how to use SPSS and i m very happy now because it will going to help me in future when i will start my thesis work or research work.

STEP#3:I reached to my seniors who have used this software,so i asked them that how this software will help me in practicle field and which functions i should focus.

i had a very good experiencing by achieving my task,because of Amal Fellowship i learn the thing which i was delaying from so many time.


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