Life Story of Sir Abdul-Sattar Edhi:

(May His Soul Rest in peace)

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a Pakistani philanthropist,social activist,ascetic and human humanitarian was the founder and head of Edhi foundation,Abdul Sattar Edhi was working for Pakistani poor people in all over the Pakistan by providing different facilities just as ambulance service,free nursing homes,orphanages,clinics and women shelters,food kitchens and rehabilitation centers for drug addicted and mentally ill people all over the country.

By reviewing Edhi life i m very impress about the simplicity in his life.He was a selfless person and the Bilal’s death incident filled my eyes with tears by feeling the pain that Edhi sahab beared at that time.

After reading his life i want to share my respond toward his life,Edhi Sahab’s mother was a great women who use to gave him 2 paisas,from which one they have to spend on needy people,i think this habit polished his selflessness and pithiness for poor and build a man in himself who loves the humanity,He was not educated at all but was really honest and hardware in his childhood till death.i love his quotation about the Khudi”i hated failure and knew that success was synonymous with effort,by which rule i believed i could win”

Edhi sahab worked in cloth shop in his childhood and because of his hard work n honesty he was very close to his boss.He initially started as peddler,latter become a commission agent selling cloth in the wholesale market of Karachi.

I am very impress from the courtesy and love for poor as Edhi sahab shared his story of his life when he met a poor and ill person,came to him to home and gave him food and medicine and cloth to wear.He left his formal education very early i think from fifth grade.His life goals was very small but he want to achieve them at any cost.

His start was very small by selling machis and investing the earning to companies.his foremost concern was to share his half of earning to poor,he shows respect for poor people and i think this is really the key of success”Give respect and take respect”

Edhi sahab worked for social injustice,he thoughts that there is social injustice in our country because of this poor people’s rights are exploiting easily.i learn that we should take steps against inequality and injustice,i learned that “start small but think big”,his friend laughed on him and call him as “shiiekh chilli” and he always gave them a smile and never even discourage them back

i loved to read the story of Edhi sahab and my favorite line is,when his friend discourage him by always asking him that why u always see such big dreams,why u not leave it and think about soothing new?He said why should i forsake the previous ones when they have not been achieved? He applies the principle of progress as by only doing Kam Kam and Kam and this is the principle that Amal follows and i also want to follow it.

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