An Overview of Economic Downturn in Indonesia

Like many other countries that are being impacted by Covid-19, Indonesia is also suffering a big hit on economic growth. Based on World Bank prediction, the baseline of the economic growth for Indonesia was cut 5.1% from initial projection which only brings 2.1% growth prediction throughout 2020. However, the number was stated in March 2020 using the assumption that the situation will be normal starting in June 2020. Unfortunately, the cases are still rocketing up to date and the pandemic is far from the end. …

Indonesia, as one of the most populous countries that rely on agriculture and fisheries commodities, has been facing an ironic issue for years. President Joko Widodo stated in May 2020 that more than 30 provinces will face deficit on commodities e.g. rice, onion, garlic, sugar and chili (the deficit volume may vary for each country). This condition could be even worse with the Covid-19 pandemic that disturbs the food distribution and import from other countries. Although Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo stated that rice inventory would be sufficient until the end of 2020, Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) recorded…

Fajar Munichputranto

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