How literature related to renaissance era:

Main points;

  • Classism & moderalism
  • Anglo Saxon’s & Anglo Norman’s
  • John Gutenberg
  • Colombus discovery
  • Henery time’s
  • Elizbathen period
  • Shakespeare time
  • Important poets

Important thing is that……the moderalism can be came into existence due to some herited remaining parts of classsism’s…


That is basic our literature;

Now ,the Question is that what is literature…

“Literature concerned with life & thier activities around”.

  1. Literature function
  2. Literature morality
  3. Literature art
  4. Literature music
  5. Literature as society
  6. Literature as social & political issues
  7. Literature as nature around us
  8. Literature as current affairs

Anglo Saxon’s & Anglo Norman’s:

Some important point….

Anglo Saxon’s:

Anglo Saxon’s majority is basically poetry lovers as classical ….

In that period there have more trend of hero’s …..thier history concerning

Anglo Norman’s:

They are strong as compared to Saxon’s ,so that’s because their king gets defeated by the Norman’s king.

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