Focus On Your Personal Goals While Doing Job. Life Lessons — Part 1

A little bit of awareness is all you need in life

Dec 8, 2019 · 3 min read
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Once you get into a job and settle for it to get a comfortable life but forgetting your main goals. Why you joined this company and forgetting that it was just a stepping stone to reach your main target. But, when something kicks in from the job, you realise again that it’s time to do something, start something. But guess what you procrastinate and get into watching Netflix.

When people come up with an idea, the first they do is to search for the name, create facebook, twitter and Instagram pages for it. Man, you are just procrastinating and making yourself believe that you’re doing something but you are wasting time. Focus on the main goal. Get into actual work.

Want something else and doing something else:

But soon after a lot of procrastination, the loop of ‘Want something else and doing something else’ starts. And after some time you will find yourself in stress, anxiety, depression and a large fatty tummy.

This is what I’ve seen from people who want something else and doing something else:
Waking up 30 mins before the office time. Getting ready in 15 mins and getting into office in the next 15 minutes. Working 3 to 4 hours extra without any extra pay. But just to release the product because your CEO promised it to the client on a particular date. Reaching back to the apartment at 8 or 9 PM, ordering 2 medium pizza from Domino’s and eating with the coke while bingeing Netflix or Amazon Prime. Going to sleep around 2 AM. And again waking up around 9 to reach the office by 9:30.

If your routine is mostly the same, then the following is just the outcome of your routine:

🍕 Your Health Sucks.
💰 Your Financial Condition Sucks.
🥰 Your Love Life Sucks.
😎 And, your Happiness Sucks.

Yes, it’s all because you never focused on these things before, you think about them but you never took actions. Because you are keeping yourself busy after office hours by doing things which were ruining your life. Because every penny which is coming from active income is directly going to EMIs minimum pay, domino’s and Uber Eats besides knowing there is no passive income stream and having 3 fully used credit card which served you with Apple products a year ago.

Lesson 1: Make a routine

Photo by Leandro Estock from Pexels

It’s just simple, find out all the free times you have in a day other than work. Then make another list what you want to do in a day based on Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness. Once you’ve what you want to do and what time do you have, then put them in a way which is best suitable for your mood for that particular time of the day. If you feel productive in the morning, do some work, if you want to chill in the evening, put some reading time, family time. To make it a bit interesting, you can add bits and pieces of interesting chores daily. Like:

📄 Read a good poem
🖼 Analyse a great painting
✏ Do some sketching
✍ Write four rhythmic lines

Rather than restricting freedom, a routine gives you freedom by protecting you from the ups and downs of life and helping you take advantage of your limited time, energy and talent. A routine establishes good habits that can lead to your best work. And the best work gives you satisfaction and money which leads to financial freedom and happiness.

And just remember:

Does your employer really care about you? Is the extra work worth it? Is the last minute late-night changes worth it?

We are all disposable. Go home and spend time with your family. Use your vacation time. Take a mental health day. Hit the gym. Make time for your hobbies, interests, passions, and personal development.

See you soon. ✌


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