1:54AM 1.30.16

one of the hardest things about being a human male in society, more the hip-hop community, is that speaking on your emotions to the world lessens the chances of someone actually hearing them. the world we live is today, we have the access to everyone at our fingertips but all wear invisible cloaks until someone is interested enough to pull it off of you; like we’re all Harry, Hermione & Ron in Hagrid’s cabin. i don’t have much in my life on the outside. i see success all around me. my mother always told me, God will make a way. it’s so hard to see beyond myself. it’s so hard to understand that concept sometimes because my spirit often feels broken, shattered, empty, uninspired, deranged, on the brink of insanity, all of these things. i seem anxious for what’s next. not what’ll happen to me tomorrow but for the next second. i could not be here anymore. my luv’d ones could be joyful or gruesomely sad.

all I have to work off of is my drive. on a road foggier than a fall morning at 6:24am in south Georgia. as a song keeps repeating in my head- over and over and over again…

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