Did gender bias drive code review differences at Facebook?
Katherine Ullman

Your communist way of thinking is the problem, and a gender quota for participation in RND hinders the ultimate goal of development.

I’m a senior UX Designer and Developer, your highlight is “it’s hard to hear about the results from this internal study and not conclude they result from gender bias.” First off that is not an argument. You seem to want women not being the leaders in Facebook because of gender discrimination, this is not the case and you’re trying to irrationally justify something YOU are uncomfortable with.

As a Designer and Developer I work with many women. Often they don’t show up to work because of kids, or family. A female instructional designer wanted to take longer family leave because she wanted to be with her new baby. You don’t account for all the gay-male leadership in Google and Facebook either.

As far as biological IQ; males generally have lower IQ than women but a larger number of Genius IQ than women.