Building blocks don’t exist.

Will a manufacture facility keep “building blocks” of its production that will last forever?

The physical Building Blocks don’t exist.

The real Building Blocks are the team and the knowledge to redo and do better.

Nothing lasts in the physical world, but knowledge gain as a team during solving real world problems will last forever.

Debora Cardenas (

Edit: updated for JSX3 on June 5 2019

How to use ReasonML parametric types on a ReasonReact component

Suppose you have the following code (we are using genType to make our life easier here btw — we’ll post about it):

type state = {data: array(string)};
type renderItemBag = {
item: string,
index: int,
move: unit =>…

Gabriel Rubens Abreu

Developer and Head of Tech at Astrocoders

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