If you’re building a web app or considering it you most certainly will be in need of a developer or development agency. In this search, you may have come across the term “full-stack developer” so in this article we’ll discuss all of these terms and the roles and responsibilities of each.

In this article we’ll learn about;

  • The different types of developers
  • What the types of developers are typically responsible for (including full-stack developers)
  • Pros and cons of hiring a full-stack developer.

Before we start, you might be interested to understand more about the different types of web applications there…

What’s the difference between Web Apps, Native Apps, Progressive Web Apps and what the hell are Hybrid Apps? In this article, we will discuss what each of these is and how you can build the SaaS app or platform of your dreams.

For those not interested in the details, here they are in a nutshell…

Web Apps — used by any browser on any system and is essentially a highly interactive, fluid and responsive website optimised for smartphone use. Must be connected to the internet at all times to work.

Native Apps — One system or platform, such as Apple…

Why does your tech company matter?

In order to achieve success in any tech startup, you need to prove that your brand is the best on the market. You should do this in as many different ways as possible. There will be an endless stream of competition, all claiming that their product is the be-all-end-all of the tech universe. This is why it’s so important for your brand to focus on what makes you a better choice.

That’s where cause branding comes into play. Cause branding is a powerful way that you can demonstrate your social, economic and ecological awareness…

Naming your tech company or product is a huge deal and the difference between a bad brand name and a good brand name can make or break a company. Don’t believe me? Let’s get to it!

Your brand name is one of the first things people see or hear before they know what it is you do or offer so you can imagine first-impressions here are vital. …

We get it.

You’re a brand new tech startup, ready to take the world by storm; you’re convinced that your new and innovative product or service is going to change the world and inspire humanity. There’s just one little problem: funding.

Whilst it seems counter-intuitive, there’s one thing that’s true to any business or startup. That is you need money in order to make money. Without the necessary funding it will be extremely difficult to market yourself, create mock-ups or test products, or even get your first sale through the door. …

In 2018, there where 8671 digital product launches on Product Hunt alone. If you’re unfamiliar with what Product Hunt is, it’s a platform for developers and teams to share their latest product. Other users can “Upvote” or comment with support or questions on that product. Creators can hope that they receive enough upvotes on their product to hit the top of that day’s leaderboard. To give you an idea of the success of Product Hunt and its importance in the market, Google regularly shares their releases as well as highly influential product-makers.

Standing out is a big problem in this…

Brand Strategy (Strategy) is our name for the discovery process we run to unlock hidden knowledge in the minds of our clients. This can help us maximise the value of delivery and narrow our design efforts by asking key questions right at the beginning of the project. We’ve written an article on what Brand Strategy is so we won’t bore you with that. Strategy can run for at least four hours if pushed for time but it can also run for days. It depends on how many people are in the room and how many voices need to be heard…

In this post, I want to discuss what colour theory is and its effect on the end user. More specifically I want to dig into biotech as an industry and some advice on how best to use colour theory.

If you are not interested in colour theory, please skip this intro to colour theory.

Colour Wheel

Colour theory starts with the colour wheel which was invented by Isaac Newton 1666. It’s kind of what it sounds like, a wheel of colour but what you can do with this wheel is both an art and a science and can be used to find…

Photo by Jason Leung

We’re about to discuss how you can start to building an awesome brand that stands out in the tech industry. Let’s start by addressing some common misconceptions about what a brand actually is.

The Groundwork

Understanding What is “Brand”

The word ‘brand’ was derived from farmers marking their cattle with a logo or trademark so that they would be recognised as their own. From this, you might infer that your logo or trademark is synonymous with your brand but this isn’t really the case these days. The word brand has evolved into something far more intangible than that. Your brand is what’s described by the great…

There are many different types of Strategies when it comes to business. Business Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Content Strategy but what in the world is Brand Strategy?

TL;DR; Brand Strategy is highlighting the long-term goals of a business and understanding how your brand can help achieve them.

Let’s start by defining what ‘Brand’ is. Brand in itself is very intangible. Often mistaken for a logo or the ‘look’ of something be it a website or marketing materials. Brand is actually the feeling someone gets whenever they interact with your business. A great example and one commonly used is Nike…

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Founder of Jupiter and the Giraffe, a nomadic web app development studio for future-thinking tech.

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