My Experience at Andela Bootcamp (Home Study Day1)

Last Friday was fun, cool, and interesting met a lot new set of people. Although the temperature was pretty high and I was having serious headaches. I made it though the day. Learnt a lot also about Feedbacks and TDD(Test Driven Development), Although having learnt a little about TDD and with my knowledge as a Software Engineer I was able to understand and gain more knowledge.

The task’s for today include:

From Adelabs
1.) Data Types Lab(Programming Logic)
2.) FizzBuzz (Programming Logic)
3.) Car Class Lab (OOP)

GitHub repo containing a real-world problem modeled using OOP while taking advantage of inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism and other OOP concepts.

Writing Professionally:
Write a medium blog post on your experience in bootcamp so far.

At the end of the day managed to do my best after trying so many ways to get power and stable internet connection I have managed to scale through and today was really stressful and I had a lot of work and thanks to my Team BFA( Boot-camp Facilitator Assistant) I was calmed down and look to a better day tomorrow.

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