My Experience at Andela Bootcamp (Home Study Day3)

Day 3, I had complete one of the task for today last night, today I woke up earlier than usual, my head filled with ways to solve the task and also how much I have learnt and what it has cost me to achieve this much this past day’s I’m not letting my guard down.

The task’s for the day include:
From Adelabs:
1.) Binary Search(Programming Logic)
2.) Missing Number Lab (Programming Logic)

GitHub repo containing a clone of a simple user interface created using HTML and CSS.

Writing Professionally:
Write a medium blog post on your experience in boot-camp so far.

Now fully familiar with what the boot-camp feels like, my experience today was much more of brain storming ways to solve a problem,discussing and contacting people over the slack channel, also a lot of google-ing to get and find better sources or understanding on how to write or solve each different task.

Today the ability to read codes and understand codes was so much useful for me also I used more of today helped me to compile and understand what I’ve missed while writing my codes.

Its the end of Home-Study, so I look forward to meeting everyone tomorrow at the Self Learning Clinic Day 2, surely lots to talk about and real discussions on both sides. I’ve learnt a lot and I’ve put in my best.

My BFA(Boot-camp Facilitator Assistant) is the best always there, always ready to advice and direct my group the right way. It has been a very busy week for me and also everyone, but an interesting week, so with a smile one my face knowing I have put in my best I can now say Home Study Day-3 Completed.