Celebrating GAMECHANGERS on International Women’s Day.

On Friday, we celebrated fierce women who are committed to creating the future we want to live in. As one of the few female tech investors in the city, I wanted to celebrate #IWD2019 by bringing together community in an intimate, authentic setting. It requires great courage, commitment, a gamechanger mindset and strong community to bring about change in the world.

We hosted an amazing group of accomplished women including three of our portfolio company leaders — Alana Harvey CMO of Flipd, Sophie Perceval of Wondereur, and Katrin Lepik of Fieldchat alongside investors and entrepreneurs including Nicole Verkindt, Ariel Garten, Christine Tovee, Sally Daub and many awesome others.

Nicole Verkindt, Christine Tovee, Luna Yu, Emily Harris, Ariel Garten, and Elena Yusnov

We were honoured to have JP Morgan as our partner who is highly committed to helping Canadian entrepreneurs build global businesses leveraging their powerful North American and global platform. Thank you to Maya Cukierman and Sharlene McDevitt for being such fantastic partners.

Maya Cukierman and Sharlene McDevitt, JP Morgan

Tamara Levitt, the voice of calm.com, kicked off our event with a magnificent meditation centred around having a #gamechanger mindset.

Tamara Levitt, Voice of Calm and Candice Faktor, Partner at Faktory Ventures

From there, the room of fierce women was asked this one question:

“On IWD2019, what change do you want to see in the world?”

The answers were bold, inspiring, and deeply thoughtful.

TKS Society High school students

Thank you to all who attended the event, we even had some inspiring high school students who are serious gamechangers join! We look forward to bringing more events like this to our portfolio and the broader community.