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You have an idea. A yearning. A hunch that a problem needs solving. Maybe your mom had an medical encounter that didn’t go that well. Maybe your uncle had a complication that could have been avoided. Maybe you got a bill that just was a plain rip off.

So you start your own company, start-up, whatever you want to call it. You want to change the world. There is a void… you want to fill it. Admirable. Respectable. Somewhat naive.

Thus is the plight of the healthcare tech founder. Many a time, this founder is not in healthcare directly, but witness to a deficiency, a misgiving, a flaw, that only she believes she can solve. …

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Look at the picture above. Do you know whether it’s a picture of dawn over the Atlantic or dusk over the Pacific? You really don’t. You have no bearing, no location, no knowledge of your surroundings, no salty breeze in your face; ultimately, you have no context. All you have is the picture. If the picture is just data, you don’t really know where it comes from, its importance, its uses, or its history. You just have it.

This is akin to the current state of AI in Healthcare. There is a lot of hype about AI’s promise and revolutionary potential. It will cure cancer, save lives, and make us immortal…. all platitudes that have been used over and over again. By comparing software accuracy to Area Under Curves (AUC) on receiver operator curve (ROC) analysis, the focus continues to be the algorithm. As important as that is, I contend that the richness of the data being fed into these algorithms is just as important, if not more so… its veracity must be emphasized. …

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Next week, Chicago, IL will increase its population by about 50,000. Yes, that’s right. They will be attending the Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), the single largest gathering of radiologists (and imaging vendors) anywhere in the world. Historically, imaging vendors have been large ultrasound, CT, and MRI manufacturers, contrast dye makers, and many companies that provide support services and supplies to radiology practices.

Into that mix, throw in the newest kids on the vendor block, namely Artificial Intelligence companies who will claim to do things from finding a child’s age by looking at the bones of their hand (which radiologists actually do) to replace the radiologist in imaging interpretation. …


Falgun H. Chokshi

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