Interviewing an HR

I interviewed Mr. Zahid Nizami, Deputy Secretary Anti Corruption Department Punjab Government, he is a jolly person, and I appreciate his comments and suggestion on my questions. I interviewed him on telephone call, because it was very difficult to see him in office.

In your experience, how much important do you think it is to be yourself in an interview?

His reaction was;

If telling a lie needs experience and guts in the same way it needs experience and wide vision to catch a lie. Telling a lie or a falseness can save you, it can hide your debility, but if it is caught it spoils rest of your abilities and positive points. I recommend you to never tell a lie or falseness. It is really important to identify black horse otherwise it acts like a rotten apple.

How do you identify if a candidate is being real or not during the interview?

We mostly rely on psychological approach. Firstly, check confidence level then we continuously observe face expression and eye contact. A liar’s voice never echos with his heart’s voice. a liar never speaks comfortably. I witnessed many candidates lying and then messing up, to confirm, we mostly make a trick. A trick of cross questions

What you may have on how to be fully prepared/equipped for an interview?

If you go on a war, go fully prepared. Preparation is a key to success,without preparation we are useless. It will show you dull and trash, despite you have abilities and strengths. Preparation varies job to job and where are you applying and on yourself. In general meaning, you must confident on what you are? On your abilities, on your strength, on your resume or cv, on your dress, on what you are having in your hands and on your skin. Not to go too far in any ability take each ability and parameter equally. Specially focus on what employee are requiring. During interview try to win their heart not their anger.

How much CV is important in an interview?

CV or resume gives shape to you interview, if it is bad or you work with falseness or your preparation are not adequate, then your CV will be your biggest enemy in an interview. It will make an interviewer easy to reject you. That’s why give your time to CV also. It is like the first step of stairway to your recruitment.

The main takeaways of this interview are;

  1. Don’t lie in an interview
  2. Interviewer are wise enough to identify your lies
  3. Preparation is key to success
  4. CV matters for any job