Garden of Learning

— — — — — — — -

They, the Bees in a garden, or
They, the Butterflies, the Fleas,
They, the Three in a garden 
They are here to receive,

To belong, to harvest,
They should be eager always ,
They should be trying always,
They need not be passive.

Bees will do what is surely supposed 
Diligently, harvesting what they can.
And, those Butterflies will always flutter;
Flutter like none is a matter.

Fleas appear as a rarity 
Their numbers always few,
Fleas may leave their mark in black 
But, only a mere amount too!

No one knows, some garden soil
Disease, decay may lurk a few
But, such is the nature's rule;
As none remains pure and new.

The garden will surely try
To provide, so the Three won't fall
The garden must surely try
To nourish, so the Three stand tall.

The rest will always depend on Three 
Whether to become the Bees,
Whether to become the Butterflies 
Or, to be the Fleas .

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