Ghost Stories !

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Ghosts ...
Do they really exist ?
Some say they do, while the others say its just hallucination, nothing but peoples wild imagination .
But, are they really just our imagination ?
 For those who really experienced ghosts, they’re real ; so real, that they can’t forget them even if they really want to.
 Where I come from, ghosts and various incidents regarding them are as numerous as the start in the night sky.
It’s become a part of our culture if I think about it.
We basically grew up while listening to ghost stories.
 There isn’t a single family where an incident regarding ghosts didn’t happen. We’ve all heard ghost stories when we were kids from our grandparents, for us ghost stories held a different kind of interest, excitement. Our interest for ghost stories far surpassed that of fairy tales and other stories.
 Specially, for me, ghost stories held a different level of interest, I loved ghost stories.
 Like all the other families, my family too had many ghost related incident, things like suddenly getting slapped on the face while walking alone at night or seeing a white clothed person at night was one of the common incidents that happened quite often.

When I was a kid my grandfather told me stories about how the coconut tree in our backyard was haunted by a certain ghost or how a certain orchard we owned was hounted by a pair of elderly ghosts, many had seen these pair of ghosts at night while walking by the orchard, some even died the day after they had seen those pair of ghosts. How excited we kids ware at the thought of owning a haunted orchard.
 It’s quite strange that ,no matter where you go these ghost stories always have something in similar. Is it only coincidence ?
 How can there be this much coincidence ?
 Like everyone know how ghosts fear fires or how they almost always wear white clothes, they have blood red eyes, some have long hairs or long necks, is it really all a coincidence ?
So, when I was in high-school, my interest for ghosts was still there. There were times when all the friends would sit together and tell various ghost stories we each collected from our areas, it was quite astonishing how similar some of the stories were despite happening in separate areas.
To make the matter even more interesting I found out that even our high-school was haunted, there were quite a few ghost stories regarding this school of ours. Especially, the boys dormitory.
 After asking a few seniors who lived in the boys dormitories, I found several stories of ghost sightings.
 There had been ghost sightings in the bathrooms and the corridors. One of the popular stories was, many years ago a senior suddenly felt the need to go to he bathroom in the middle of the night, as there wasn’t anyone with him he decided to go there alone by himself. After entering there ,what he saw sent chills down his spine and he quickly lost consciousness, he clearly saw that the caretaker of the dormitory was floating above the bathroom staring at him with a strange smile on his face. This thing may seem simple when you hear it, but try placing yourself in that situation, I guarantee you won’t be better off no matter how you boast of being courageous.
There are even more strange and scary incidents regarding this place, but those, I will keep for another day....

[ will continue ]

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