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I almost laughed out loud at many parts of this. I am wondering where any of the students’ needs are addressed in your ‘solution’. I’m not here to babysit children, I am here to teach. The day is too long to begin with to be appropriate for elementary school students. If parents are able to stop what they are doing to get a sick child (because you know that the ‘slight fever’ situation is minimal), than they need to have a back up plan. It is not the school systems’ responsibility to care for a sick child. I find it laughable that you state that teachers can be fairly compensated for our extra time each day. It is not about the money. It is simply about the fact that teachers do not have any more time to give. We work until 5 or 6 at night, spend a couple of hours with our own families and then spend another 2–3 hours working each night. When would we fit in the ‘extra time’ you have planned to earn the compensation? We are not even compensated appropriately for the time we spend now. I could go on, but I have too much work to do now that it is 4:00 and the kids have finally gone home for the day to play like they should be doing. I will be working for the next couple of hours before I can pack up my work and go home to my family. Why write something so ridiculous?