Behind White Privilege

There are many whites that have been in charge of many things for years. You can still be more whites being the head quarters of many companies and organizations. It is something that will take decades to be changed. Look at the judicial system for example. Many judges are white, which makes it hard for Blacks to get off on a case. The Huffington Post explains that there are more than half white men who are still state judges, still. That just goes to show you that Blacks will never be able to stand a chance. The graph below demonstrates the ones that are incarcerated vs the ones making the decisions.

With the stereotypes of Blacks, it puts whites at an advantage. Because of the environment that Blacks are raised in, they said to be violent and unethical. It’s kind of a win-lose situation. Blacks get to see the history behind everything, but they don’t get to experience what whites might get to experience. Being raised in a poor community doesn’t compare with being raised in a wealthy community. There are more opportunities when it comes to being wealthy. Many different things to get involved with, whereas when one is born in poverty, they have to work it the things that they have.

It all goes back to the history of blacks. During the time of slavery, whites were the superior ones. They were aloud to punish blacks for not listening or even because they didn’t do what the whites wanted them to do. Blacks didn’t have a say so in pretty much anything. This was the start of white privilege. The film Hidden Colors also explains that whites just want to be the ones with the power. Even though they aren’t always the ones who are the heads of something, they will always be picked over any other race. It will be hard to move away from the what has happened in history.

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