What is the True Definition of Black Love?

There are many questions around what real black love is. Some people lust for something that isn’t real because they want to feel loved by someone. Even if it isn’t real. This can be because of the way that blacks had to grow up and be broken from each other. It is all about being able to be a power couple and work together to have an impact on the world.

I believe that some celebrities show the true definition of black love. There are some people that look up to them. When I see love, I think about Remy Ma and Papoose. They have grown so much and he has been there for her while she was down. You usually see a woman holding down a man, but this is a man holding down his wife. Remy Ma did some bad things that you would think of a man doing, but her husband still loved her no matter what. They worked together to keep the love strong. Another example could be Obama and Michelle. They showed the way for every black community in America. I personally look up to black people that are in love. I think if someone marries a Caucasian person, then that will be going against their culture.

You can also think about the comments in one if Lauren Hill’s songs’ when the man asks who has been in love and one of the women say, “with my dog.” This just shows that the qualities that a black woman looks for aren’t really existing in a black man. Sometimes there aren’t men in a woman’s life that they can look up to and this make make it hard to find the true definition of black love. Black individuals tend to try and look for love in other places when it can be found right in there communities.