What I’ve learned about leading….

The uncertainty of the future is never going to go away. It’s why some of us are called to lead. Leaders live in the constant unknown. They are in a constant place of vulnerability. Leaders have to be confident in the unknown or else they can not lead effectively.

Stepping out unto the unknown requires courage. Courage is living ones conviction in the face of fear. Fear is what drives the leader. It keeps he or she humble and alert. The problem becomes when you allow fear to control you.

Fear then becomes false evidence appearing real. It shifts your focus from the tasks at hand and stops the flow of the success that awaits you. It speaks lies over you. He wants to create complacency in your mind so you can stay in your safe zone. It’s why you have to renew the mind.

The renewing of your mind consist of a relentless approach to changing your thought patterns. Sitting down and feeling your emotions with no judgement. You achieve this by disregarding the thoughts that bear no fruit. You let the thought come and go giving it no energy. What resist persist, so less becomes more in how you fight that battle. Soon your thought patterns will begin to change and your life begins to change.

“Be still and that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

- Fernie JAG Principal