A French Adventure


We’re moving to France as a family. There’s a few of us, 6 in total, and this is the beginning of a huge adventure for us. We’re not travelling around Europe on an epic road trip, cycling the Americas or living in a jungle — I’m not sure we’re that sort of family. We have chosen to relocate our home to another country, adopting another culture and lifestyle and this for us is adventure enough.


The Dancer, Tree Climber and Snappy Dresser all have schools to go to and what The Boss and I are really quite amused, curious and excited about is what type of petit garcon The Last One will grow up to be!


In less than 2 weeks we’re packing some basic possessions and setting off on a 3-day road trip to our new life. In all honesty, if it was just myself and my wife we’d be sure-footed and confident of success. But with 4 children ranging from 12 years to 5 months it all feels rather unnerving.


Photo Credit: www.guardian.com

Being in a place where, instead of the local pool, there are aqua-marine lakes and wild swimming spots in the foothills of the Alps-Maritime; where we can take a short drive to the Alps and ski or snowboard during the winter; where we can explore any number of European countries; instead of walking the North Downs Way we can hike the Pyrenees; these are just some of the things we are looking forward to.


That said I know that any rewarding and worthwhile change doesn’t come for free. The price? Uncertainty, worry that our children will cope with a new language, culture and environment and fear of the unknown are all present worries.


Overall though we are positive and optimistic about our future and what I’d like to do is capture this journey, learn from it and ensure that we make the most of this amazing opportunity. I hope to keep regular journal / blog updates here on my website so please do follow and encourage us along the way and if you’ve have any experience of what we’re about to embark on then we’d love to hear from you — all advice really welcomed!

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