2006 was a pivotal year for our company: we decided to pick up several projects such as Ekoparty and we started to develop what turned out to be our first official product within Infobyte (experience we used later on to create Faraday)

We introduced Solidtrust, a hardware- assisted geolocalization solution for notebooks.

MVP was simple, or at least that’s what Fede Kirschbaum (friend as well as Ekoparty and Faraday co-founder) and myself believed, considering that we were the master minds of several projects.

Our original idea:

The new GPS PCMCIA ExpressCard, with built- in battery, data location reporting, and in…

In this blog, we are going to review a shortl example of an Amazon Echo (Alexa) skill to connect with our Faraday API

The idea is to implement the following actions:
1) Get a list of all the workspaces available in your Faraday with an information summary
2) Get a list of all the available users
3) Get the last vulnerabilities and actions added in a given workspace
4) Bonus track: Get the latest news of netsec and hackernews :)

For this we are going to use the following tools/libs/etc:

Flask Flask-Ask requests configparser feedparser Amazon Echo (Alexa) — https://developer.amazon.com

Francisco Müller Amato

CEO Faraday (@faradaysec). Founder ekoparty security conference (@ekoparty). http://bit.ly/1iz86vO #Evilgrade http://bit.ly/1j6dykQ

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