* LIB — is an abbreviation of those things that I decided to describe on my blog. Namely, L — Lviv, I — Inspiration, B — Blog.

L - Lviv

I will start by saying that Lviv is an outstanding city. Indisputably, it has good architecture and other cool stuff but also it’s full of people who inspire you.

We had an ESS Song Contest this Sunday. It was astonishing but before that, we had lots of things to do. For instance, I and my friend Mary had to go to Lviv to bring some Ukrainian folk instruments. The owner of those turned to be a very nice guy. We talked about different musical stuff and, the coolest thing, I tried playing the organ (If you never played the organ here’s a tip: close this scribbling and find a place where you can do it). Also, he gave us some brand new ideas and, moreover, motivated to work. It was a great time but we still had to come back to ESS Campus and carry out work we’ve done so far.

I - Inspiration

I’m person of such kind who needs a huge charge of inspiration before work. Now I’m a part of ESS Community who spend about three weeks on practicing English. We don’t have time to spend at tiddlywinks, it’s all about work here. Logically I needed “recharging” every now and then and that’s the reason why I brought in this subtitle to my blog. Here are some things that kept me productive:

Speaking to awesome people

As I mentioned, I was in Lviv a day ago and met a really cool musician who gave an opportunity to play the organ. Also, I got acquainted with new interesting people here at ESS who came from other countries to teach us. That’s cool.

Freaking out with my friends

That’s one of my favorites ’cause we had so much fun during these days. We were singing, dancing and playing “carate”. Also, since we live in one building, we had a big variety of topics to discuss in the evenings. Hanging out with friends is a great thing, in a nutshell.


Except studying we also have to do performings here. We had a Harry Potter themed presentation, ESS Song contest and this Sunday we will have Dance Competition. A lot of work for our creativity, in a word.

B - Blog

I’ve started a blog.

That’s all :)

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