Testing iOS application in IPv6 network

According to Apple, all apps must support IPv6.

That means your application will be checked in App Store review for IPv6 compatibility starting Starting June 1, 2016.

Most likely your app will work properly with some exceptions, for instance when you do have IP address hardcoded for connections.

To make sure your application works properly in IPv6 network without having it set-up you could use your Mac to create one. You will create NAT64 that will simulate IPv6 network via Wi-Fi for your iOS device. That means you will need internet connection comming to your Mac via different channel, most likely Ethernet, since Wi-Fi will be occupied for connectivity with device.

For that:

  1. go to System Preferences and click “Sharing” section while holding “option” button.
  1. click “Internet sharing”. You will see new checkbox called “Create NAT64 Network”.

3. And use your connection from Ethernet, to be shared via Wi-Fi

Now you can connect your iOS device to new Wi-Fi created by Mac that will use NAT64 to have your application tested within IPv6 network.

Note: NAT64 translates IPv4 traffic to IPv6 and back.

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