You’ve been a muse ever since I’ve known you.
For the longest time of my life I was mistaken;
I soaked you in my dreams past midnight
And expected you to rise early next morning.
The feeling of being in love occurred to me
Every day, every moment that I knew was mine.

I watched you in my mind’s eye like my first batch of cupcakes.
Every jiggle and bubble caught my breath,
Made me anxious and fret.
You held the scent of a huge possibility,
And that was drug to my mentality.
For the longest time I wanted to see you
Face to face and all over my dreams.

The nauseous mind of mine told me, “This is it!
You cannot hold your breath for a year,
Eventually it dissipates. Accept and move on!”
My practical voice screeched at me.
I refused to relent. I knew I was wrong. But.
The But’s were never really a hindrance until
I figured that I was putting you on a pedestal.

A pedestal that I would never reach, wherein
If you looked down, you’d see me there.
My sun would be above me and I would be, but a moon.
As romantic as that idea was, I knew I was conspicuous to a fault.
If I could not see you, in flesh nor in dreams you were not mine
To behold, to seek, to want until the end of time.
But your essence inspired so much in my midst that
You’ve only been a muse since I’ve known you.

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