Eat. Live. Play. Leigh on sea.


Originally from London, I moved to Essex a little over 10 years ago. I found Essex quiet after coming from the bustling city. Over the years I have accidentally discovered little gems but never really ‘got’ Leigh on Sea. I know there’s life out there but I can’t quite get in on the act.

Ten years on, and now in a family with a small person to entertain, I’ve set myself a challenge: to discover Leigh on Sea.

I’m hoping to

  • learn about the history of the area
  • find great little child friendly places to grab a coffee
  • learn where there’s entertainment for the little ones
  • explore fun activity places to let kids (and big kids!) be kids
  • connect with local businesses and help promote the shop local vibe.
  • and it’d be lovely to locate a restaurant or two that agrees with your child that eating their dinner whilst sitting under the table and singing Justin Bieber – off key and loudly – is perfectly acceptable.

But most importantly, I’m really keen to get beneath the tourism version of Leigh on Sea and see where the locals go to socialise with friends and family. I remember knowing every neighbours name and every local shopkeeper when I was a little girl and I’d really like that for my family. The thought of a stroll down the Broadway, saying ‘Hi’ to people and buying locally produced goods or a grabbing a quick coffee in an independent coffee shop just seems the right way to live.

Now I’m going to have to get out of my comfort zone (read: sofa) and get out there. I’m happy to just start wandering rounds the roads as it is a very pretty place but please feel free to help a girl out and share your gems!

I look forward to going on this journey with you!

Eat. Live. Play. Leigh on Sea.

Famileighonsea is a personal community based activity and is available on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Please follow me to keep updated on my progress and feel free to contribute your recommendations and tips.

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