The Twitter #leighonseahour 23rd February 2017 8pm (GMT)

Hosted by Famileighonsea on behalf of the @leighonseahour Twitter account.

Ok so now I have your attention, what is the #leighonseahour all about? Please keep reading below to find out.

The @leighonseahour Twitter account focus is to provide a connection between local businesses and their customers, both existing and new, via Twitter. Held on a monthly basis, the hour aims to be an informal chat where customers can ask questions directly to local businesses and local businesses can promote their services and goods. Considering the great press we get about our community, it would be lovely if this continued through to the tweetchat. Kind of a chat over a coffee vibe!

The first #leighonseahour will be hosted by Famileighonsea on

23rd February 2017 at 8pm (GMT) on Twitter.

Famileighonsea have chosen the following as their theme for the first tweetchat.

1) What is the best thing about working in Leigh on Sea?

2) What is the best thing about living in Leigh on Sea?

However, this isn’t mandatory and so just joining in and saying Hi is fine.

Famileighonsea are looking for local businesses or residents that would be interested in being interviewed for the tweetchat, nothing too formal, just a few questions about living or working in the area. Please contact Famileighonsea if you want to be interviewed!


As not everyone has a Twitter account, for those interested in what happens, you can can see both @leighonseahour and @famileighonsea Twitter feeds on their Facebook pages. Go to the @famileighonsea page, look down the left hand side and you should see Twitter as an option. Clicking on this link should take you to a Twitter feed display within Facebook.

Would you like to take part?

Want to know more?

Just email post on either Facebook page or tweet us!

Facebook: @famileighonsea

Twitter: @famileighonsea

Instagram: @famileighonsea