This will be a short article today! I’m in kind-of a “ mind miniseries” phase of my thoughts. And I truly believe that parent’s intentions are well with their children. I truly believe that parents do the best they can; moreover, parents i think that people “are” who they “are”. Yhus may mean some of them good people and some of them bad character- individuals. Nevertheless, have a sense of views and moral justifications that agree with there in own hearts. In essence, people’s — outside of sociopath- want the best for their children and your children. And in knowing; this rationale, this I consider a heartfelt moment. My point is let’s continue to encourage one another to do better so that our children see us do better. And in this way the message that they will receive is “to be better”. Better childrn, adolescents morale charter workers, tax paying citizens…. Better people because they learned from us.