FamilyShark Safe have an AMA session

Date: 10 Aug 2021

Time: 10:00 AM UTC


Reward will be 100$ for top 10 questions

We hope you can join with us !

We thank you to Crytonite Corner have reviewed our project on their Youtube last week. The video has had an overview on many aspects. You can watch the video for reference.

About FamilyShark Project :

About FamilyShark Safe Tokenomics and token use case:

Details of the opening sale

Whitelist registration opening date: 5th August 2021

Whitelist registration closing date: 2th September 2021

Maximum number of whitelist winners: 300

ILO date: 5th September 2021

ILO token allocation: 8%

Price: 5000000/ 1 BNB

Initial market cap:12,800,000…

At the heart of FamilyShark’s ecosystem lies the $FSS token, which has the following utility:

•Network donation pooling and staking
• E-commerce integration for use in material purchases
• NFT marketplace transactions
• APO-yield farming and staking
• FamilyShark Safe Crypto-Asset exchange

Token Information :

Name : Familyshark Safe Token

Symbol : $FSS

Our project was stealth-launched by an developer on may 17, 2021. Since it’s inception, an international development team was formed out of investors from the community. …

FamilyShark Safe

The token operates on automated liquidity-locking, self-staking direct distribution protocol, providing safe, hassle-free transactions and yield-generation.

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