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FTM 2019 release FAQ

FTM 2019 software was released on 29September 2019 after 3rd decade as a new edition with several enhanced features.


Q1: Is there any mobile application for ftm 2019 users?

Users may be unaware about the fact that ftm connect version of android and IOS devices editions are up for grabs at the Google app store for android users and also for ios users at app store! Hop on to this webpage link🡪 here to get step on how to use ftm 2019 connect application.


Q2: What is the necessity to purchase the license for Family Pack ftm?

Customers can purchase the license

  • If they have two or more computer at their house
  • If there are two or more ftm users are their house

For instance such as, if there is a single ftm 2019 customer in their residence, customers can retain the software in the laptop as well as over their desktop and then here is no necessity for purchasing an additional license (ftm Family Pack).

Q3: In case user pre-owned a family pack license in former times, will those customer be a required to purchase new family pack license to get on to FTM 2019?

A: Indeed yes, contingent to that point that users wishes to install and utilize FTM 2019 over every system (desktop, laptop and tablet) in their house.

Q4: Is FTM 2019 upgrade compatible to function with (chart companion and family book creator)?

Indeed yes, publisher for chart companion and family book creator have released their upgrade. In case users have paid for any of the two plug-ins in the past few days, the links received will included the latest upgraded version of the plug-ins.

A user also has the option to get their fresh edition directly from the publisher’s webpage.

Q5: What are the things to keep in mind before getting ftm 2019 installed?

A: It is a best way to proceed before uninstalling or getting any upgrade over their software or application or moving to a new device one must create a backup file of their family tree.

To get more comprehensive details, hit on the link🡪 HERE.

Q6: By what method users will get to know on how to utilize the latest option inside FTM 2019?

A: Ftm 2019 contains a PDF of companion guide within HELP tab for detailed information over usage of all features. Mackiev just included a rare feature symbol to recognize the fresh characteristics and attachments inside this version so that the user can identify them easily. User may also find the assistance website to FTM 2019 to view similar post.

Q7: Will the FTM’s customers be getting a printed hard copy of their fresh FTM 2019 companion guide book?

A: Indeed yes, user may book in advance for their ftm companion guide book at 40% discount over the time period the book is prepared. Customers can pick any option between a binder and a spiral copy.

Customer may visit to FTM official HERE

After that customers need to hit Family Tree Maker Gift Collection tab in ftm 2019 to initiate the advance booking.

Q8: What is solution in case customer got their ftm 2019 copy from an unofficial website?

A: users may straightaway return their file and apply for a reimbursement from the unauthorized site, after that they can get their ftm 2019 file from the official website of Mackiev.

Contingent to the situation that those are prior ftm customers, they can also get discount offers for having upgrade over their software (users can get more details by signing over ftm website link 🡪 here) .

Other wise to get more simplified solution customers can simply connect with our ftm 2019 support team of experts individuals at our toll free ( 1+888–575–2545).

Steps on File compact in FTM 2019

Users may include, exclude, transfer and modify reports or records in their family tree maker as the details may require some edit from time to time. The simplified feature of “compact file” tool in ftm (2019 or 2017) provides the simplification to modification and sustentation of the ftm 2019 file to much untroubled usage. This process may steps few minutes which are determined by the volume of the ftm tree file.

Steps are given down as follows:

  1. Click on Compact File from the Tools menu over their ftm file.
  2. In case the ftm user’s tree doesn’t come up, a popup menu will come up, simply browse the tree file and choose the file by highlighting the ftm file and hit on “open” tab.
  3. Compact File” tab popup box, highlight and tick the tab for”Perform extended analysis”. This option will help detailed inspection of the ftm tree, checking up for any false as well as correcting the false, thus sometime this process may take up sometime.hit on to the tab “compact” to move further.
  4. The tree will be compacted. Then users will see a report over the change in their tree file. Hit on “OK
  5. Replicate the procedure up to the time that completion reports popup referring that 0.00% changes coming up, otherwise it is up to customers and file modifications last.

Disclaimer — is a technical support service for the family tree maker software, we don’t have any kind of relation with Mackiev or any other related brands. We disclaim affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship with any brand. The use of trademarks, brand names or services is only for the reference.

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