This Week in Links Vol #6

What Happens When Video Games Can Read Your Face Cost per smile is the next monetization metric…

GM Buying Self-Driving Tech Startup for More Than $1 Billion With just 40 people and 3 years, it’s the WhatsApp moment for autonomous. If the acquisition price is true, shows how far behind GM thinks they are, or how important and how quickly they think autonomous will be. #LargeScaleAutonomy

How George Hotz Plans To Beat Tesla And Google With His Robocar Startup The Cruise acquisition puts ambitions in context. #LargeScaleAutonomy

Driverless lorry convoys to be trialled in the UK Platooning is gaining traction in the UK, Europe and US and represents a critical step towards #LargeScaleAutonomy.

Otoy breakthrough lets game developers run the best graphics software across platforms Porting CUDA to run on non-NVDIA hardware should significantly improve game developers lives and speed adoption of compelling game experiences across platforms. #CrossScreenGaming

Vainglory and the business of touchscreen esports Look at the eSports for the touchscreen set. With ~800M gaming PCs but ~3B touchscreen devices, it’s an important transition. #eSports

Intel Acquires Replay Technologies for Immersive Sports Cool video capture technology to bring unique and immersive viewing experiences to fans. #NexGenFan

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